Qore Programming Language Reference Manual  0.9.1

Qore identifiers must start with an alphabetic character or an "_", and then may contain any number of alphabetic, numeric, or "_" characters. There is no length limit on Qore identifiers.

All Qore identifiers are case-sensitive, therefore the identifier hello_there is not the same as Hello_There or HELLO_THERE.

The following are examples of valid Qore identifiers:

Examples of Valid Qore Identifiers

Identifier Description
i Simple one-character identifier
_ Another simple one-character identifier
foo21 Identifier with number
this_is_a_long_identifier Long identifier with underline characters
_Total_318 Identifier with underlines and number
AVeryBigNumber Mixed case identifier name
CAPS Identifier in all capital letters

The following are invalid identifiers:

Examples of Invalid Qore Identifiers

Identifier Description
1a Does not start with an alphabetic character
this-and-that Contains "-" characters
Start#10 Contains "#" character