Qore Programming Language Reference Manual  1.7.0
Library Functions

Library functions

Host Information Hash

Key Type Description
name string The official fully-qualified name of the host
aliases list of string Any hostname aliases for the host
typename string The type of network address (either "ipv4" or "ipv6")
type int One of the Network Address Family Constants (either Qore::AF_INET or Qore::AF_INET6) corresponding to the type of network addresses given
len int The length of the addresses in bytes when represented in binary form
addresses list of string All addresses corresponding to the host; the list should have at least 1 element

Address Information Hash

Key Type Description
address string A valid address of the host, for example: "::1".
address_desc string A descriptive string of the address containing the address family, for example: "ipv6[::1]"
family int The network address family; see Network Address Family Constants.
familystr string A descriptive string for the network address family, for example: "ipv6".
addrlen int The length of the internal network address data structure (not normally needed in Qore but provided anyway)
[port] int The port number corresponding to the service (if applicable)