Qore DataProvider Module Reference  2.2
DataProvider::DataTypeInfo hashdecl Reference

describes a data type More...

Public Attributes

string base_type
 output: base type
bool can_manage_fields = False
 if fields can be added dynamically to the type and if the type will accept any field at runtime
*hash< DataTypeInfodefault_field_type_info
 default type for fields not listed in fields
hash< string, hash< DataFieldInfo > > fields
 any fields supported by the type
bool mandatory
 output: can be null / missing?
string name
 the name of the type
*hash< auto > options
 output: current transformation option values
*hash< string, hash< DataProviderTypeOptionInfo > > supported_options
 output: transformation options supported by the type
*hash< auto > tags
 Any tags set on the type.
list< stringtypes_accepted
 output: list of types accepted
list< stringtypes_returned
 input: list of types returned

Detailed Description

describes a data type