Qore SalesforceRestDataProvider Module Reference  1.0.1

Qore SalesforceRestDataProvider module definition

Introduction to the SalesforceRestDataProvider Module

The SalesforceRestDataProvider module provides a data provider API for the Salesforce REST API to work with data under the "sobjects" URI path. The SalesforceRestDataProvider class allows for introspecting a Salesforce instance, while the SalesforceRestObjectDataProvider class supports the data provider record-based API for communication with REST servers and querying and manipulating data in the Salesforce instance.

Salesforce instances can be introspected with the following format:

  • REST operation path: uri_path

The following classes are provided by this module:

Salesforce Queries

Queries are made by generating SOQL query strings from the where clause and search options. Note that the Salesforce query API does not currently support server-side result set caching, so the entire result set is returned by the server for each query and stored in memory when using the SalesforceRestRecordIterator class, so it's recommended to limit query result set sizes using the limit search option.

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Release Notes

SalesforceRestDataProvider v1.0.1

  • fixed a bug deleting records with no matches (issue 3921)
  • fixed serializing DATE fields (issue 3908)

SalesforceRestDataProvider v1.0

  • initial release of the module