Qore Schema Module Reference  1.4
Schema Module

Introduction to the Schema Module

The Schema module provides a high level database-independent API for working with database schemas; it uses the SqlUtil module to provide the middle and low-level schema management logic from a database-independent representation of a database schema.

To use this module, use "%requires Schema" in your code.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the Schema namespace.

Classes provided by this module:

  • AbstractSchema: base class for schema representation and management
  • AbstractVersionedSchema: base class for versioned schema representation and management where the schema contains its current version

Schema Module Release History

Schema Module v1.4

  • allow schema operations to be executed with no output (verbose < 0) (issue 3996)

Schema Module v1.3.1

  • fixed a bug where too little information was passed to post schema alignment code (issue 3640)

Schema Module v1.3

  • improved logging output when performing schema alignments (issue 3114)
  • fixed AbstractSchema::checkExistence() (issue 3266)

Schema Module v1.2

Schema Module v1.1.1

  • applied the force option (i.e. cascade) when aligning schemas (issue 1314)

Schema Module v1.1

Schema Module v1.0

  • initial release