Qore ServiceNowRestDataProvider Module Reference  1.1

Qore ServiceNowRestDataProvider module definition

Introduction to the ServiceNowRestDataProvider Module

The ServiceNowRestDataProvider module provides a data provider API for ServiceNow REST services. The ServiceNowRestDataProvider class allows for introspecting a ServiceNow application instance, while the ServiceNowTableDataProvider class supports the data provider record-based API for querying and manipulating table data in the application.

ServiceNow instances can be introspected with the following format:

  • REST operation path: uri_path

The following classes are provided by this module:

ServiceNowRestDataProvider v1.1

  • updated to no longer require OAuth2 login params (issue 4295)

ServiceNowRestDataProvider v1.0.1

ServiceNowRestDataProvider v1.0

  • initial release of the module