Qore VscDebugAdapter Module Reference  0.1

Introduction to the VscDebugAdapter Module

The VscDebugAdapter module provides common functionality for implementing Visual Studio Adapter https://microsoft.github.io/debug-adapter-protocol/.

Only subset of features is supported in Visual Studio Code IDE and in this module.

Module limitations:

  • breakpoint server side hitcount not supported
  • breakpoint logpoints
  • VSC event is not raised when breakpoint is changed, e.g. via another debugger client
  • conditional breakpoints, e.g. for particular thread
  • structured variables, e.g. classes/objects
  • for functional breakpoint the function must be provided with arguments types even a user variant does not exist
  • values for top-level local variables are not provided as thread vars for each thread
  • cannot provide program exit value

Visual Studio Code known issues:

  • evaluate "watch" request is not executed every step so watch value might be out of date
  • no module support in IDE
  • display own data type and custom data editor
  • exception info is asked but the value is not displayed
  • some capabilities are not implemented