Qore BulkSqlUtil Module Reference  1.3
BulkSqlUtil Module

Introduction to the BulkSqlUtil Module

The BulkSqlUtil module provides APIs for bulk DML operations using SqlUtil in Qore. Bulk DML is the process of sending multiple rows to the dataserver in a single operation which allows for the most efficient processing of large amounts of data.

Currently insert and upsert (SQL merge) operations are supported.

The main functionality provided by this module:

See the above classes for detailed information and examples.

Release Notes

BulkSqlUtil v1.3

BulkSqlUtil v1.2

BulkSqlUtil v1.1

  • fixed a bug in the BulkInsertOperation class where inserts would fail or silently insert invalid data in the second or later blocks when constant hashes were used (issue 1625)

BulkSqlUtil v1.0

  • initial release of the module