Qore Qorize Module Reference  0.1.2
Qorize Module

Qorize module provides functions to create Qore source code from Qore variables (structures).

Usage of this module can be for example:

  • generate code from XML(JSON, YAML, ...) files
  • create unit tests from currently running script
  • and more

To use this module, use "%requires Qorize" in your code.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the Qorize namespace.

Currently it can handle only simple types:

  • integer, numeric, float
  • string
  • binary
  • date including relative arithmetics
  • list of simple types (recursive parsing supported)
  • hash of simple types (recursive parsing supported)
  • object
There is no support for private object members and overloaded constructors. References are not considered