Qore Sqlite3SqlUtil Module Reference  1.0

Sqlite3SqlUtil Module Introduction

The Sqlite3SqlUtil module provides a high level API for working with Sqlite3 database objects.

Usually this module is loaded on demand from the SqlUtil module, however to use this module directly, use "%requires Sqlite3SqlUtil" in your code.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the Sqlite3SqlUtil namespace

  • This module requires the sqlite3 binary module for communication with Sqlite3 databases
  • This module does not yet support schema management for sqlite3 DBs

Schema Management on Sqlite3

Type Mapping

Column types are mapped from Qore types as follows:

Sqlite3 Column Type Mappings

Generic Type Name Sqlite3 Type Used
int integer
float real
number real
string text
date text (iso-8601 format with millisecond precision)
binary blob
bool integer
SqlUtil::BLOB blob
SqlUtil::CHAR text
SqlUtil::CLOB text
SqlUtil::NUMERIC real
SqlUtil::VARCHAR text

Release Notes

Sqlite3SqlUtil v1.0

  • initial release