Qore TelnetClient Module Reference  1.7
TelnetClient Module

Introduction to the TelnetClient Module

The TelnetClient module provides a telnet client class for communicating with a server using the telnet protocol

To use this module, use "%requires TelnetClient" in your code. See examples/telnet.q for an example program using this module.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the TelnetClient namespace

The main classes are:

The main definitions are:

TelnetClient Module Release Notes

TelnetClient v1.7

  • implemented support for a data provider scheme cache and rich option information for connections (issue 4025)

TelnetClient v1.6

  • removed the TelnetConnection::getConstructorInfo() and TelnetConnection::getConstructorInfoImpl() methods (issue 3696)
  • added support for socket events (issue 3425)

TelnetClient v1.5

  • all connection clases have unified constructor

TelnetClient v1.4

  • added the TelnetConnection::getConstructorInfo() method to allow connections to be created dynamically, potentially in another process from a network call (removed in TelnetClient 1.6) (issue 2628)

TelnetClient v1.3

TelnetClient v1.2

TelnetClient v1.1

  • added socket instrumention support from Qore 0.8.9

TelnetClient v1.0

  • updated to a user module

TelnetClient v0.9

  • initial version