Qore Programming Language Reference Manual 1.19.2
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I/O Constants


const Qore::stderr = qore(QC_FILE->execSystemConstructor(2))
 system constant for stderr (file descriptor 2)
const Qore::stderr_stream = qore(QC_FILEOUTPUTSTREAM->execSystemConstructor(2))
 system constant for stderr OutputStream (file descriptor 2)
const Qore::stdin = qore(QC_FILE->execSystemConstructor(0))
 system constant for stdin (file descriptor 0)
const Qore::stdin_stream = qore(QC_FILEINPUTSTREAM->execSystemConstructor(0))
 system constant for stdin InputStream (file descriptor 0)
const Qore::stdout = qore(QC_FILE->execSystemConstructor(1))
 system constant for stdout (file descriptor 1)
const Qore::stdout_stream = qore(QC_FILEOUTPUTSTREAM->execSystemConstructor(1))
 system constant for stdout OutputStream (file descriptor 1)

Detailed Description

These constants are all instantiations of the File class

None of these constants are available if the parse option PO_NO_TERMINAL_IO is set