Qore Programming Language Reference Manual
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Here is a list of all modules:
oNumber Formatting Constants
oNumber String Formatting Constants
oBreakpoint Policy Constants
oDatabase Driver Constants
oDBI Capability Constants
oDebug Run State Constants
oDebug Flow Constants
oError Constants
oFile Open Constants
oFile Locking Constants
oFile Seek Constants
oOption Constants
oParse Option Constants
oWarning Constants
oType Code Constants
oType Code Map Constants
oBoolean Constants
oNULL and NOTHING Constants
oException Type Constants
oCall Type Constants
oSystem and Build Constants
oEvent Source Constants
oEvent Map Constants
oEvent Constants
oI/O Constants
oRangeIterator helper functions
oFile Stat Constants
oSSL Verification Mode Constants
oX.509 Verification Constants
oNetwork Address Family Constants
oNetwork Address Information Constants
oNetwork Protocol Constants
oSocket Type Constants
oTerminal Attribute Local Mode Constants
oTerminal Attribute Control Mode Constants
oTerminal Attributes Output Mode Constants
oTerminal Attributes Input Mode Constants
oTerminal Attributes Control Character Constants
oTerminal Attributes Terminal Setting Constants
oCompression Functions
oCompression Constants
oCompression Stream Transformations
oContext Functions
oCryptographic Functions
oDigest (Hash) Functions
oHMAC Functions
oCryptographic Stream Transformations
oCryptographic Contants
oOld DBI Functions
oDBI Functions
oSQL Constants
oEnvironment Functions
oFilesystem Functions
oLibrary Functions
oList Functions
oMath Functions
oMath Constants
oSignal Handing Functions
oMiscellaneous Functions
oString Concatenation Encoding Codes
oString Concatenation Decoding Codes
oSignal Constants
oObject Functions
oUNIX User and Group Functions
oPlatform-Independent User and Group Functions
oString Functions
oRegular Expression Constants
oThreading Functions
oDate and Time Functions
oType Conversion Functions
\String Type Constants