Qore Programming Language Reference Manual 1.19.2
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String Type Constants


const Qore::Type::Binary = "binary"
 Gives the type for binary values.
const Qore::Type::Boolean = "bool"
 Gives the type for boolean values.
const Qore::Type::CallReference = "call reference"
 Gives the type for call references.
const Qore::Type::Closure = "closure"
 Gives the type for closures.
const Qore::Type::Date = "date"
 Gives the type for the date values.
const Qore::Type::Float = "float"
 Gives the type for float values.
const Qore::Type::Hash = "hash"
 Gives the type for hash values.
const Qore::Type::Int = "integer"
 Gives the type for integer values.
const Qore::Type::List = "list"
 Gives the type for list values.
const Qore::Type::NothingType = "nothing"
 Gives the type when no value is available.
const Qore::Type::NullType = "NULL"
 Gives the type for SQL null values.
const Qore::Type::Number = "number"
 Gives the type for number values.
const Qore::Type::Object = "object"
 Gives the type for object values.
const Qore::Type::String = "string"
 Gives the type for string values.

Detailed Description

String type constants as returned by type() and typename()