Qore Programming Language Reference Manual 1.19.2
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Qore::DateTimeInfo hashdecl Reference

date/time information hash as returned by date_info() and <date>::info() More...

#include <ql_time.dox.h>

Public Attributes

int day
 (absolute and relative) The day value of the date (day of the month for absolute dates)
int dow
 (absolute Only) The day of the week, where 0=Sunday, 1=Monday, ... 6=Saturday
int doy
 (absolute Only) The ordinal day number in the year
bool dst
 (absolute Only) A flag if daylight savings time is in effect
int hour
 (absolute and relative) The hour value of the date
int microsecond
 (absolute and relative) The microsecond value of the date
int minute
 (absolute and relative) The minute value of the date
int month
 (absolute and relative) The month value of the date
bool relative
 (absolute and relative) True if the date is a relative date, False if it is absolute
int second
 (absolute and relative) The second value of the date
int utc_secs_east
 (absolute Only) Offset from UTC in seconds east; if the time zone is west of UTC then the value will be negative
int year
 (absolute and relative) The year value of the date
Qore::TimeZone zone
 (absolute Only) The time zone for the time
string zone_name
 (absolute Only) The name of the time zone for the given time (ex: "CEST" for Central European Summer Time for a time during summer time or "CET" for Central European Time for the same time zone while daylight savings time is not active)

Detailed Description

date/time information hash as returned by date_info() and <date>::info()

Qore 0.8.13