Qore DataProvider Module Reference 2.7.5
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DB Provider Upsert Result Codes


const DataProvider::UpsertResultDeleted = "deleted"
 Indicates that the record was deleted.
const DataProvider::UpsertResultInserted = "inserted"
const DataProvider::UpsertResultUnchanged = "unchanged"
 Indicates that the record was left unchanged.
const DataProvider::UpsertResultUpdated = "updated"
 Indicates that the record was updated.
const DataProvider::UpsertResultVerified = "verified"
 Indicates that the record was verified as already in the target state.

Detailed Description

These are the results codes returned with single-record upsert actions

Variable Documentation

◆ UpsertResultInserted

const DataProvider::UpsertResultInserted = "inserted"

Indicates that the record was inserted