Qore DataProvider Module Reference 2.7.5
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DataProvider::DataProviderExpressionInfo hashdecl Reference

Data provider signature info. More...

#include <AbstractDataProvider.qc.dox.h>

Public Attributes

softlist< hash< DataProviderSignatureTypeInfo > > args
 Argument types.
string desc
 The description of the operation.
string label
 The label used for the expression. More...
string name
 The display name.
AbstractDataProviderType return_type
 The return type.
int role = ER_All
 The expression role code / bitfield. More...
string symbol
 The symbol to use when rendering expressions.
int type
 The type of expression; see DataProvider Expression Type Codes.
bool varargs = False
 The last argument can be repeated indefinitely.

Detailed Description

Data provider signature info.

Member Data Documentation

◆ label

string DataProvider::DataProviderExpressionInfo::label

The label used for the expression.

Must correspond to the key used in any expression hash

◆ role

int DataProvider::DataProviderExpressionInfo::role = ER_All

The expression role code / bitfield.

See also
Expression Role Codes