Qore OdbcFirebirdSqlUtil Module Reference 0.1
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OdbcFirebirdSqlUtil Module Introduction

The OdbcFirebirdSqlUtil module provides a high level API for working with Firebird database objects through the Qore odbc DBI driver.

Usually this module is loaded on demand from the SqlUtil module, however to use this module directly, use "%requires OdbcFirebirdSqlUtil" in your code.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the OdbcFirebirdSqlUtil namespace

  • This module requires the odbc binary module for communication with Firebird databases plus the Firebird client library and the Firebird ODBC driver
  • The Firebird ODBC driver is less capable and has more bugs than the equivalent JDBC driver. Please use the Firebird JDBC driver if possible
See also
XdbcFirebirdSqlUtilBase Module Introduction for implementation information

Release Notes

OdbcFirebirdSqlUtil Module v1.0

  • initial release