Qore SqlUtil Module Reference 1.9.1
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Info Callback Action Codes


const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Add = 6
 used when an element is added to an existing object
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Create = 1
 used when a new object is created
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Delete = 10
 used when data is deleted in a table
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Drop = 2
 used when an object is dropped
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Insert = 8
 used when data is inserted in a table
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Modify = 4
 used when an object is modified in place
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_NotFound = 11
 used when dropping object but the object is not present
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Recreate = 7
 used when an object is recreated (usually dropped and recreated in place)
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Rename = 3
 used when an object is renamed
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Truncate = 5
 used when a table is truncated
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Unchanged = 0
const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Update = 9
 used when data is updated in a table

Detailed Description

These are the action codes used with the SQL Info CallBack Closure or Call Ceference in schema and table alignment

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◆ AC_Unchanged

const SqlUtil::AbstractDatabase::AC_Unchanged = 0

used when an existing object matches the template and no changes are made