Qore Swagger Module Reference  1.0.2
Swagger::BodyParameter Class Reference

AbstractParameterObject specialization for "body" parameters. More...

Inheritance diagram for Swagger::BodyParameter:

Public Member Functions

 check (bool serialize, bool request, string path, string method, string name, reference value)
 verifies the parameter in an actual REST API call
 constructor (hash oh, SwaggerSchema swagger)
 Constructor. More...
string getQoreExample (reference< hash< RestQoreExampleCodeInfo >> rv)
 generates Qore example code for a REST API call
- Public Member Functions inherited from Swagger::AbstractParameterObject
 constructor (hash oh)
 Constructor. More...
auto getDefaultValue ()
 returns the default value of the parameter (default: NOTHING)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Swagger::ObjectBase
 constructor ()
 constructor (hash oh)
 Constructor. More...
 constructor (ObjectBase other)
 copy constructor
 initialize (hash oh)
 Initialize. More...

Public Attributes

SchemaObject schema
 Required. The schema defining the type used for the body parameter.
- Public Attributes inherited from Swagger::AbstractParameterObject
*string desc
 A brief description of the parameter. This could contain examples of use. GFM syntax can be used for rich text representation.
string inLoc
 Required. The location of the parameter. More...
string name
 Required. The name of the parameter. Parameter names are case sensitive. More...
bool required = False
 Determines whether this parameter is mandatory. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Swagger::ObjectBase
hash vendorExtensions
 Allows extensions to the Swagger Schema. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Swagger::AbstractParameterObject
static AbstractParameterObject newParameter (string name, hash oh, SwaggerSchema swagger)
 gets a concrete instance of an AbstractParameterObject

Detailed Description

AbstractParameterObject specialization for "body" parameters.

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

Swagger::BodyParameter::constructor ( hash  oh,
SwaggerSchema  swagger 


ohdeserialized hash from the source schema description describing a body parameter
swaggerthe REST schema for resolving references
INVALID-FIELD-TYPEfield has invalid type
REQUIRED-FIELD-MISSINGrequired field is missing