Qore SoapHandler Module Reference  0.2.6
SoapHandler Module

Introduction to the SoapHandler Module

This module implements server-side support for the SOAP protocol for serialization/deserialization of message data.

This module provides the SoapHandler class which can be used to provide an RPC handler for the HttpServer class provided by the HttpServer module.

SoapHandler Release History

SoapHandler 0.2.6

  • Compatibility Warnings
    • Because the SoapHandler module now supports HTTP bindings, it will only return WSDLs from GET requests if the URI path includes ?wsdl at the end of the string
  • reimplemented operation to support multiple SOAP bindings, SOAP operations can be assigned to multiple bindings
  • HTTP binding support
  • implemented supoprt for handling SOAP faults based on the exception err string (must correspond to the fault name) (issue 2804)

SoapHandler 0.2.5

  • added support for matching requests with soap action values
  • added the err_func argument so SOAP response serialization errors can be logged at the source
  • added support for debugging (verbose exception info/logging)
  • fixes to service creation and GET WSDL handling
  • Content-type in exceptional cases follows Soap version
  • added support for logging content of SOAP messages

SoapHandler 0.2.4

  • updated to a user module

SoapHandler 0.2.3

  • return correct soap fault structure according to request

SoapHandler 0.2.2

  • soap 1.2 improvements

SoapHandler 0.2.1

  • matched to new WSDL and HttpServer implementation

SoapHandler 0.2.0

  • better WSDL support

SoapHandler 0.1.0

  • initial WSDL-based SOAP support (still incomplete)