Qore CdsRestDataProvider Module Reference  1.0.0
CdsRestDataProvider::CdsRestDataProviderFactory Class Reference

The CdsRest data provider factory. More...

Inheritance diagram for CdsRestDataProvider::CdsRestDataProviderFactory:

Public Member Methods

Class getClass ()
 Returns the class for the data provider object.
hash< DataProvider::DataProviderInfogetInfo ()
 Returns static provider information. More...
string getName ()
 Returns the name of the data provider factory.

Detailed Description

The CdsRest data provider factory.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getInfo()

hash<DataProvider::DataProviderInfo> CdsRestDataProvider::CdsRestDataProviderFactory::getInfo ( )

Returns static provider information.

the name and children attributes are not returned as they are dynamic attributes

Implements DataProvider::AbstractDataProviderFactory.