Qore SwaggerDataProvider Module Reference  1.0.3

Qore SwaggerDataProvider module definition

Introduction to the SwaggerDataProvider Module

The SwaggerDataProvider module provides a data provider API for Swagger / Open API REST APIs. The SwaggerDataProvider class allows for introspecting a Swagger / Open API schema, while the SwaggerRequestDataProvider class supports the data provider request-reply API for communication with REST servers.

Swagger / Open API schemas can be introspected with the following format:

  • REST operation path: uri_path/HTTP_method
    • ex: pet/PUT
    • results in a SwaggerRequestDataProvider object where the request and response messages can be queried and requests can be sent to the server

The following classes are provided by this module:

Release Notes

SwaggerDataProvider v1.0.3

SwaggerDataProvider v1.0.2

SwaggerDataProvider v1.0.1

  • fixed support for requests that do not require a request hash (issue 3784)

SwaggerDataProvider v1.0

  • initial release of the module