Qore Programming Language Reference Manual  1.7.0
Terminal Attributes Output Mode Constants


const Qore::OCRNL = OCRNL
 map CR to NL on output
const Qore::ONLCR = ONLCR
 map NL to CR-NL (ala CRMOD)
const Qore::ONLRET = ONLRET
 NL performs CR function.
const Qore::ONOCR = ONOCR
 no CR output at column 0
const Qore::ONOEOT = ONOEOT
 discard EOT's (^D) on output
const Qore::OPOST = OPOST
 enable following output processing
const Qore::OXTABS = OXTABS
 expand tabs to spaces

Detailed Description

If any of the constants in this group is not defined on the host system, then it will be assigned to 0 in Qore.