Qore OracleSqlUtil Module Reference  1.4.4
OracleSqlUtil::OracleIndex Class Reference

represents an Oracle index More...

Inheritance diagram for OracleSqlUtil::OracleIndex:

Public Member Methods

 constructor (string n, bool u, hash c, string nt, *string t)
 creates the object from the arguments
bool equalImpl (AbstractIndex ix)
 returns True if the argument is equal to the current index, False if not
string getCreateSql (string table_name, *hash opt)
 returns a string that can be used to create the index in the database
string getRenameSql (string table_name, string new_name)
 returns a string that can be used to rename the index in the database

Public Attributes

string native_type
 the native type of the index (if supported)
*string tablespace
 the tablespace name of the index (if supported)

Detailed Description

represents an Oracle index