Qore SqlUtil Module Reference  1.7.5
SqlUtil::AbstractSqlUtilBase Class Reference

base class for abstract SqlUtil classes More...

Inheritance diagram for SqlUtil::AbstractSqlUtilBase:

Public Member Methods

Qore::SQL::AbstractDatasource getDatasource ()
 gets the underlying AbstractDatasource
string getDatasourceDesc ()
 returns a descriptive string for the datasource
string getDriverName ()
 returns the database driver name

Private Member Methods

 constructor (AbstractDatasource nds, *hash nopts)
 creates the object; private constructor More...
transient Mutex l ()
 mutex for atomic actions
 validateHashKeysForWhitespaces (auto node)
 Check input node for all hash keys - if it contains a key with whitespace in the beginning or at the end -> error.

Private Attributes

transient AbstractDatasource ds
 the connection to the database server
string dsdesc
 datasource description
*hash< auto > opts
 option hash

Detailed Description

base class for abstract SqlUtil classes

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

SqlUtil::AbstractSqlUtilBase::constructor ( AbstractDatasource  nds,
*hash  nopts 

creates the object; private constructor

ndsthe AbstractDatasource for the connection to the database
noptsa hash of options for the table creation string; see SqlUtil::AbstractTable::TableOptions for common options; each driver can support additional driver-specific options
OPTION-ERRORinvalid or unsupported option passed