Qore SqlUtil Module Reference  1.7.5
SqlUtil::GenericColumnInfo hashdecl Reference

generic column description hash in schema descriptions More...

Public Attributes

*bool auto_increment
 True for DBs that support an auto-increment column
*string comment
 an optional comment for the column
auto default_value
 the default value for the column
bool default_value_native = False
 a boolean flag to say if a default_value should be validated against table column type (False) or used as it is (True) to allow to use DBMS native functions or features. Defaults to False. It is strongly recommended to use default_value_native for default_value in driver specific sub-hash to avoid non-portable schema hashes
hash< string, hashdriver
 this key can optionally contain a hash keyed by driver name which contains a hash of values that will be added to the column description hash before processing; this way a column description hash can contain all the information required for the column including driver-specific options; any driver-specific options will overwrite values in the top level of the hash if there are duplicate hash keys
string native_type
 the native database column type; if both native_type and qore_type are given then native_type is used
bool notnull = False
 if the column should have a "not null" constraint on it; if missing the default value is False
string qore_type
 a qore type string that will be converted to a native DB type with some default conversion
softint scale
 for numeric data types, this value gives the scale
softint size
 for data types requiring a size component, the size; for numeric columns this represents the precision for example

Detailed Description

generic column description hash in schema descriptions