Qore MailMessage Module Reference  1.3.3
MailMessage Module

MailMessage Module Introduction

The MailMessage module provides the MailMessage class for representing represents an email message. This module is used by the SmtpClient and Pop3Client modules.

To use this module, use "%requires MailMessage" in your code. See the SmtpClient and Pop3Client modules for examples of Qore code using this module

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the MailMessage namespace

The main classes are:

#!/usr/bin/env qore
%requires MailMessage
my MailMessage::Message msg("Me, Myself, and I <[email protected]>", "My Subject");
msg.setBody("hello world!");
msg.addTO("My Best Friend <[email protected]>");

MailMessage Release Notes

MailMessage 1.3.3

MailMessage 1.3.2

  • fixed message serialization for SMTP handling; default to base64 encoding for attachments and if the message body has a single "." character on a line; convert any single "." characters on a line to two ".." characters if using inly quoted printable encoding (issue issue 3275)

MailMessage 1.3.1

MailMessage 1.3

  • added support for complex types

MailMessage 1.2.1

MailMessage 1.2

MailMessage 1.1

MailMessage 1.0.4

  • minor doc corrections and non-functional code changes

MailMessage 1.0.3

  • requires Mime module 1.3 for the MultiPartMessage::parseBody() method
  • fixed a bug where the part/attachment content-type was set to the content-type of the message
  • try to get the filename of attachments from the content-type header if not set in the content-disposition header
  • message parts that themselves have parts are now supported
  • fixed recognizing mime messages with additional text after the version number (ex: "Mime-Version: 1.0 (Mac OS X Mail 6.2 \‍(1499\‍))")

MailMessage 1.0.2

  • use "<string>::isDataPrintableAscii()" to determine which mail headers need encoding

MailMessage 1.0.1

  • fixed a bug encoding mail headers where mail headers requiring encoding were not encoded and those not requiring encoding were encoded with Q encoding

MailMessage 1.0

  • moved from the SmtpClient module to an independent module to also support the Pop3Client class