Qore Sap4HanaRestClient Module Reference  1.1
Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestConnection Class Reference

class for SAP S/4Hana REST connections; returns Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestClient objects More...

Inheritance diagram for Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestConnection:

Public Member Methods

 constructor (string name, string description, string url, hash< auto > attributes={}, hash< auto > options={})
 creates the Sap4HanaRestConnection object More...
string getType ()
 returns "sap4hanarests"

Public Attributes

const ConnectionScheme = ...
 Connection entry info.

Private Member Methods

hash< ConnectionSchemeInfo > getConnectionSchemeInfoImpl ()
 Returns the ConnectionSchemeInfo hash for this object.
Sap4HanaRestClient getImpl (bool connect=True, *hash< auto > rtopts)
 returns a Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestClient object More...

Detailed Description

class for SAP S/4Hana REST connections; returns Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestClient objects

supports the following options:

  • "apikey": (required if "client_id" and "client_secret" are not supplied) the SAP S/4Hana api key
  • "client_id": (required if "apikey" is not supplied) the SAP S/4Hana OAuth2 client ID
  • "client_secret": (required if "apikey" is not supplied) the SAP S/4Hana OAuth2 client secret
  • "connect_timeout": connection timeout to use in milliseconds
  • "content_encoding": this sets the send encoding (if the "send_encoding" option is not set) and the requested response encoding; for possible values, see EncodingSupport
  • "data": see DataSerializationOptions for possible values; the default is "json"
  • "error_passthru": if True then HTTP status codes indicating errors will not cause a REST-RESPONSE-ERROR exception to be raised, rather such responses will be passed through to the caller like any other response
  • "http_version": HTTP version to use ("1.0" or "1.1", defaults to "1.1")
  • "max_redirects": maximum redirects to support
  • "proxy": proxy URL to use
  • "redirect_passthru": if True then redirect responses will be passed to the caller instead of processed
  • "send_encoding": a send data encoding option or the value "auto" which means to use automatic encoding; if not present defaults to no content-encoding on sent message bodies
  • "timeout": transfer timeout to use in milliseconds
See also
Sap4HanaRestClient::constructor() for more information on the above options

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestConnection::constructor ( string  name,
string  description,
string  url,
hash< auto >  attributes = {},
hash< auto >  options = {} 

creates the Sap4HanaRestConnection object

namethe name of the connection
descriptionconnection description
urlconnection URL (potentially with password info)
attributesvarious attributes. See below
optionsconnection options

See AbstractConnection::constructor() for attributes and options reference.

CONNECTION-OPTION-ERRORmissing or invalid connection option

◆ getImpl()

Sap4HanaRestClient Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestConnection::getImpl ( bool  connect = True,
*hash< auto >  rtopts 

returns a Sap4HanaRestClient::Sap4HanaRestClient object

connectif True, then the connection is returned already connected
rtoptsthis connection type does not accept any runtime options, so this parameter is ignored
a Sap4HanaRestClient object

Reimplemented from RestClient::RestConnection.