Qore Swagger Module Reference  2.0.8
Swagger::ResponsesObject Class Reference

contains the possible responses for an operation More...

Inheritance diagram for Swagger::ResponsesObject:

Public Member Methods

 constructor (string path, string method, hash< auto > oh, SwaggerSchema swagger)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Methods inherited from Swagger::ObjectBase
 constructor ()
 constructor (hash< auto > oh)
 Constructor. More...
 constructor (ObjectBase other)
 copy constructor
 initialize (hash< auto > oh)
 Initialize. More...

Public Attributes

ResponseObject defaultResp
hash< string, ResponseObjectresponses
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hash< auto > vendorExtensions
 Allows extensions to the Swagger Schema. More...

Detailed Description

contains the possible responses for an operation

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

Swagger::ResponsesObject::constructor ( string  path,
string  method,
hash< auto >  oh,
SwaggerSchema  swagger 


paththe URI path for the operation
methodthe HTTP method for the operation
ohdeserialized hash from the source schema description describing the responses for an operation
swaggerthe REST schema for resolving references
INVALID-FIELD-TYPEfield has invalid type
REQUIRED-FIELD-MISSINGrequired field is missing
EMPTY-RESPONSESno responses given

Member Data Documentation

◆ defaultResp

ResponseObject Swagger::ResponsesObject::defaultResp

It can be used to cover undeclared responses.

◆ responses

hash<string, ResponseObject> Swagger::ResponsesObject::responses

Any HTTP status code can be used as the property name (one property per HTTP status code). Describes the expected response for that HTTP status code.