Qore WebUtil Module Reference  1.6.1
WebUtil Module

Introduction to the WebUtil Module

The WebUtil module provides code that support higher-level web server operations.

To use this module, use "%requires WebUtil" in your code.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the WebUtil namespace


  • TextTemplateBase: the base class for all Program containers for template programs where text is rendered from templates made up of mixed Qore and text
  • FileTemplate: models a single template based on a real file on the filesystem and provides compilation and rendering support for the template; supports recompiling on the fly if the file's modification time changes
  • TemplateFileManager: manages templates based on real files on the filesystem, uses FileTemplate to store the templates and render output; uses efficient locking to safely handle multiple concurrent requests
  • StaticTemplateManager: manages mixed Qore and text templates that are rendered to generate a final file; useful for HTML rendering for example
  • FileHandler: a class for serving files from the file system anchored at a particular URL; also uses TemplateFileManager to automatically manage any template files found; supports automatic compilation of and rendering from template files

Release Notes

WebUtil v1.6.1

  • fixed a bug serving files did not work in server contexts with multiple threads (issue 4096)

WebUtil v1.6

  • fixed a bug when StaticTemplateManager does not respect constructor's parse options in templates (issue 3334)

WebUtil v1.5

  • added support for custom file serving (issue 3260)
  • updated for Qore 0.9

WebUtil v1.4.1

  • made it possible for FileHandler subclasses to add headers to response (issue 2686)

WebUtil v1.4

  • updated for complex types

WebUtil v1.3

WebUtil v1.2

WebUtil v1.1

  • added logic to the default file serving code to determine if the file is a binary or text file from the MIME type

WebUtil v1.0

  • the initial version of the WebUtil module