Qore Programming Language Reference Manual 1.19.2
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Regular Expression Constants


const Qore::RE_Caseless = PCRE_CASELESS
 Ignores case when matching regular expressions, equivalent to /i
const Qore::RE_DotAll = PCRE_DOTALL
 makes a dot (.) match a newline character, equivalent to /s
const Qore::RE_Extended = PCRE_EXTENDED
 ignores whitespace characters and enables comments prefixed by #, equivalent to /x
const Qore::RE_Global = QRE_GLOBAL
 replace all matches globally in the string or extract all occurrences of the pattern(s) in the string, equivalent to /g
const Qore::RE_MultiLine = PCRE_MULTILINE
 makes start-of-line (^) or end-of-line ($) match after or before any newline in the subject string, equivalent to /m
const Qore::RE_Unicode = PCRE_UCP
 extens Posix matches to the full Unicode character set More...

Detailed Description

The constants in this group can be combined with binary or to give regular expression options for the regex(), regex_subst(), and regex_extract() functions.

Variable Documentation

◆ RE_Unicode

const Qore::RE_Unicode = PCRE_UCP

extens Posix matches to the full Unicode character set

Qore 0.9.4