Qore Programming Language Reference Manual 1.19.2
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System and Build Constants


const Qore::Build = qore(qore_build_number)
 The integer Qore build number.
const Qore::BuildHost = qore(new QoreStringNode(qore_build_host))
 The host name of the host used to build the Qore library.
const Qore::CFLAGS = qore(new QoreStringNode(qore_cflags))
 A string giving the C++ compiler flags used to build Qore.
const Qore::Compiler = qore(new QoreStringNode(qore_cplusplus_compiler))
 A string giving the C++ compiler used to build Qore.
const Qore::DirSep = qore(new QoreStringNode(QORE_DIR_SEP_STR))
 platform-specific directory separator character string More...
const Qore::LDFLAGS = qore(new QoreStringNode(qore_ldflags))
 A string giving the linker flags used to build Qore.
const Qore::MACHINE_MSB = bool(Q_MACHINE_MSB)
 True if the current machine uses big-endian or MSB byte order or False if the current machine uses little-endian or LSB byte order
const Qore::PathSep = qore(new QoreStringNode(QORE_PATH_SEP_STR))
 platform-specific path separator character string More...
const Qore::Platform = ("OS": qore(new QoreStringNode(TARGET_OS)), "CPU": qore(new QoreStringNode(TARGET_ARCH)), "Unix": bool(Q_IS_UNIX), "Windows": bool(Q_IS_WINDOWS))
 hash of platform information
const Qore::PlatformCPU = qore(new QoreStringNode(TARGET_ARCH))
 The string for the platform's CPU architecture.
const Qore::PlatformOS = qore(new QoreStringNode(TARGET_OS))
 A string giving the platform operating-system name.
const Qore::VersionMajor = qore(qore_version_major)
 The integer Qore major version number.
const Qore::VersionMinor = qore(qore_version_minor)
 The integer Qore minor version number.
const Qore::VersionString = qore(new QoreStringNode(qore_version_string))
 The full Qore version string.
const Qore::VersionSub = qore(qore_version_sub)
 The integer Qore sub version number.

Detailed Description

Variable Documentation

◆ DirSep

const Qore::DirSep = qore(new QoreStringNode(QORE_DIR_SEP_STR))

platform-specific directory separator character string

"/" on Unix-like platforms, "\\" on Windows
See also

◆ PathSep

const Qore::PathSep = qore(new QoreStringNode(QORE_PATH_SEP_STR))

platform-specific path separator character string

":" on Unix-like platforms, ";" on Windows
See also
Qore 0.8.13