Qore FreetdsSqlUtil Module Reference 1.6
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FreetdsSqlUtil Module Introduction

The FreetdsSqlUtil module provides a high level API for working with database objects through the freetds driver.

Usually this module is loaded on demand from the SqlUtil module, however to use this module directly, use "%requires FreetdsSqlUtil" in your code.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the FreetdsSqlUtil namespace

This module requires the freetds binary module for communication with MS SQL Server and Sybase databases
See also
MssqlSqlUtilBase Module Introduction for implementation information about this module

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.6

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.5

  • fixed the prepend and append column operators (issue 4548)
  • implemented support for generating queries based on generic expressions using the DataProvider module's generic expression support (issue 4538)

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.4.2

  • fixed a bug where offset and limit were not properly supported with MS SQL Server DBs (issue 4408)
  • fixed a bug where date/time values in other time zones were not bound correctly (issue 4403)
  • fixed a bug handling transaction savepoints (issue 4402)
  • allow a VARCHAR column to be created without a size, assume a default size (issue 4399)

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.4.2

  • added APIs to enable duplicate record creation errors to be detected (issue 4308)

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.4

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.3.1

  • fixed quoting of reserved words in column names in table alignment (issue 3400)

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.3

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.2.1

  • implemented support for custom column operators (issue 2314)

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.2

  • fixed a bug where SqlUtil::BLOB columns were created as VARBINARY columns instead of VARBINARY(MAX) (issue 1852)
  • implemented cop_trunc_date() operator (issue 2032)

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.1

  • implemented the force option (i.e. cascade) for dropping code objects (issue 1314)

FreetdsSqlUtil v1.0

  • initial release