Qore SqlUtil Module Reference 1.9.1
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DB Features Constants


const SqlUtil::BLOB = "blob"
 specifies a large variable-length binary column (ie BLOB or BYTEA, etc)
const SqlUtil::CHAR = "char"
 specifies a CHAR column
const SqlUtil::CLOB = "clob"
 specifies a large variable-length character column (ie CLOB or TEXT, etc)
const SqlUtil::DB_FUNCTIONS = "functions"
 Feature: functions. More...
const SqlUtil::DB_MVIEWS = "materialized views"
 Feature: materialized views / snapshots.
const SqlUtil::DB_PACKAGES = "packages"
 Feature: packages.
const SqlUtil::DB_PROCEDURES = "procedures"
 Feature: procedures.
const SqlUtil::DB_SEQUENCES = "sequences"
 Feature: sequences.
const SqlUtil::DB_SYNONYMS = "synonyms"
 Feature: synonyms.
const SqlUtil::DB_TABLES = "tables"
 Feature: tables.
const SqlUtil::DB_TYPES = "named types"
 Feature: named types.
const SqlUtil::DB_VIEWS = "views"
 Feature: views.
const SqlUtil::NUMERIC = "number"
 specifies a numeric column (equivalent to Qore::Type::Number)
const SqlUtil::VARCHAR = "string"

Detailed Description

These constants can be used as a lookup values in AbstractDatabase::features() method.

Variable Documentation


const SqlUtil::DB_FUNCTIONS = "functions"

Feature: functions.

Features constants


const SqlUtil::VARCHAR = "string"

specifies a VARCHAR column (equivalent to Qore::Type::String)