Qore RestClient Module Reference 1.9.2
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RestClient::RestClient Class Reference

this class provides the REST client API More...

#include <RestClient.qm.dox.h>

Inheritance diagram for RestClient::RestClient:

Public Attributes

const Accept = AcceptList.join(",")
 Accept header value.
const AcceptList = ...
 Accept header list.
const AcceptMap = map {$1: True}
 Map of acceptable Mime types.
const CompressionThreshold = 1024
 default threadhold for data compressions; transfers smaller than this size will not be compressed
const DataSerializationOptions
 Data serialization options; this is a hash to simulate a set of strings. More...
const DataSerializationSupport
 Data serialization support mapping codes to MIME types and de/serialization functions.
const DefaultHeaders
 default HTTP headers (Content-Type is added before sending)
const EncodingSupport
 Send content encoding options. More...
const Version = "1.7"
 RestClient Version.
const VersionString = sprintf("Qore-RestClient/%s", RestClient::Version)
 RestClient Version String.

Detailed Description

this class provides the REST client API

Member Data Documentation

◆ DataSerializationOptions

const RestClient::RestClient::DataSerializationOptions
Initial value:
= {
"auto": True,
%ifndef NoJson
"json": True,
%ifndef NoYaml
"yaml": True,
%ifndef NoXml
"rawxml": True,
"xml": True,
"url": True,
"text": True,
"bin": True,

Data serialization options; this is a hash to simulate a set of strings.

Data serialization options are as follows:

  • "auto": prefers in this order: json, yaml, rawxml, xml, url, and text
  • "bin": for binary message bodies without data serialization
  • "json": use only JSON serialization
  • "rawxml": use raw XML serialization
  • "text": use only plain text. No serialization is used.
  • "url": for URL-encoded message bodies
  • "xml": use only XML-RPC serialization
  • "yaml": use only YAML serialization

◆ EncodingSupport

const RestClient::RestClient::EncodingSupport
Initial value:
= {
"gzip": {
"ce": "gzip",
"func": \gzip(),
"bzip2": {
"ce": "bzip2",
"func": \bzip2(),
"deflate": {
"ce": "deflate",
"func": \compress(),
"identity": {
"ce": NOTHING,

Send content encoding options.

Send content encoding options are as follows:

  • "bzip": use bzip2 compression
  • "gzip": use gzip compression
  • "deflate": use deflate compression
  • "identity": use no content encoding