Qore SqlUtil Module Reference 1.9
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Upsert Result Codes


const SqlUtil::AbstractTable::UR_Deleted = 5
 row was deleted (only possible with batch upsert methods such as AbstractTable::upsertFromIterator() where upsert option delete_others is True)
const SqlUtil::AbstractTable::UR_Inserted = 1
const SqlUtil::AbstractTable::UR_Unchanged = 4
 row was unchanged (only possible with UpsertSelectFirst, UpsertInsertOnly, and UpsertUpdateOnly)
const SqlUtil::AbstractTable::UR_Updated = 3
 row was updated because it was different (only possible with UpsertSelectFirst)
const SqlUtil::AbstractTable::UR_Verified = 2
 row was updated unconditionally (not returned with UpsertSelectFirst)

Detailed Description

See also
UpsertResultMap and UpsertResultDescriptionMap

Variable Documentation

◆ UR_Inserted

const SqlUtil::AbstractTable::UR_Inserted = 1

row was inserted