Qore SqlUtil Module Reference  1.4.4
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oBoolean Constants [external]
oBreakpoint Policy Constants [external]
oCall Type Constants [external]
oColumn Size Options
oCompression Constants [external]
oCompression Functions [external]
oCompression Stream Transformations [external]
oConstants [external]
oContext Functions [external]
oCryptographic Contants [external]
oCryptographic Functions [external]
oCryptographic Stream Transformations [external]
oDBI Capability Constants [external]
oDBI Functions [external]
oDatabase Driver Constants [external]
oDate and Time Functions [external]
oDebug Flow Constants [external]
oDebug Run State Constants [external]
oDigest (Hash) Functions [external]
oEnvironment Functions [external]
oError Constants [external]
oEvent Constants [external]
oEvent Map Constants [external]
oEvent Source Constants [external]
oException Type Constants [external]
oFile Locking Constants [external]
oFile Open Constants [external]
oFile Seek Constants [external]
oFile Stat Constants [external]
oFilesystem Functions [external]
oHMAC Functions [external]
oI/O Constants [external]
oInfo Callback Action Codes
oLibrary Functions [external]
oList Functions [external]
oMath Constants [external]
oMath Functions [external]
oMiscellaneous Functions [external]
oNULL and NOTHING Constants [external]
oNetwork Address Family Constants [external]
oNetwork Address Information Constants [external]
oNetwork Protocol Constants [external]
oNumber Formatting Constants [external]
oNumber String Formatting Constants [external]
oObject Functions [external]
oOld DBI Functions [external]
oOption Constants [external]
oParse Option Constants [external]
oPlatform-Independent User and Group Functions [external]
oRangeIterator helper functions [external]
oRegular Expression Constants [external]
oSQL Column Operator Functions
oSQL Column Operators
oSQL Constants [external]
oSQL Insert Operator Functions
oSQL Insert Operators
oSQL Join Operator Functions
oSQL Join Operators
oSQL Operator Functions
oSQL Operators
oSQL Update Operator Functions
oSQL Update Operators
oSSL Verification Mode Constants [external]
oSignal Constants [external]
oSignal Handing Functions [external]
oSocket Type Constants [external]
oString Concatenation Decoding Codes [external]
oString Concatenation Encoding Codes [external]
oString Functions [external]
oString Type Constants [external]
oSystem and Build Constants [external]
oTerminal Attribute Control Mode Constants [external]
oTerminal Attribute Local Mode Constants [external]
oTerminal Attributes Control Character Constants [external]
oTerminal Attributes Input Mode Constants [external]
oTerminal Attributes Output Mode Constants [external]
oTerminal Attributes Terminal Setting Constants [external]
oThreading Functions [external]
oType Code Constants [external]
oType Code Map Constants [external]
oType Conversion Functions [external]
oUNIX User and Group Functions [external]
oUpsert Result Codes
oUpsert Strategy Codes
oWarning Constants [external]
oX.509 Verification Constants [external]
\cop_trunc_date formats