Qore SqlUtil Module Reference 1.9
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SqlUtil::QueryInfo hashdecl Reference

Query information. More...

#include <SqlUtil.qm.dox.h>

Public Attributes

list< auto > args
 arguments to bind in the query generated
*hash< auto > column_operator_map
 Any custom column operator map.
*hash< auto > expression_map
 The expression map.
*hash< string, AbstractTablejoin_map
 Tables in this join; table alias -> table.
*hash< auto > pseudo_column_map
 Any valid pseudocolumns or aliases generated in th query.
*hash< auto > query_hash
 The original query hash.
*hash< auto > query_options
 Any query options.
*hash< string, bool > subquery_column_map
 When executing a superquery, we can only reference colums in the subquery.
object table
 The primary table object.
*hash< auto > where_operator_map
 The old-style backwards-compatible "where operator" map.

Detailed Description

Query information.