Qore SalesforceSoapClient Module Reference  1.1

Introduction to the SalesforceSoapClient Module

The SalesforceSoapClient module provides an API for communicating with Salesforce.com using SOAP.

This module provides the following classes:

This module requires the following modules which are also reexported to the program context:

SalesforceSoapClient Example

Here is an example of how to use this module:

hash opts = (
"wsdl": wsdl,
"username": "[email protected]",
"password": "pass",
"token": "token",
"log": sub (string fmt) {
if (m_options.verbose)
printf("INFO: %s\n", vsprintf(fmt, argv));
"dbglog": sub (string fmt) {
if (m_options.verbose > 1)
printf("DEBUG: %s\n", vsprintf(fmt, argv));
SalesforceSoapClient sc(opts);
string ss = sprintf("select id, name, description, accountnumber from account where accountnumber = '%s'", AcctNo1);
hash rh = sc.query(("queryString": ss));
printf("%N\n", rh);

SalesforceSoapClient Release Notes

SalesforceSoapClient v1.1

SalesforceSoapClient v1.0

  • initial release of the module