Qore SoapClient Module Reference  0.2.5
SoapClient Module

Introduction to the SoapClient Module

The SoapClient module implements a SOAP client for Qore using WSDL, XSD, and SOAP support implemented in the WSDL module.

Create outgoing request messages by setting up a Qore data structure corresponding to the SOAP message. Exceptions will be thrown if either the outgoing or the response message do not corespond to the WSDL. The exceptions should be fairly verbose to allow you to quickly correct any mistakes.

This module provides the following classes:

This module requires the following modules which are also reexported to the program context:

  • xml binary module
  • WSDL user module
  • Mime user module


Here is an example of how to use this module:

%requires SoapClient
SoapClient sc = new SoapClient(("wsdl" : "http://soap.server.org:8080/my-service?wsdl"));
hash msg = getMessage();
any result = sc.call("SubmitDocument", msg);

The SoapClient::constructor() takes named arguments in the form of a hash; valid arguments are:

  • required keys: one of:
    • "wsdl" or "wsdl_file": a string defining the WSDL or the URL of the WSDL
  • optional keys:
    • "service": the name of the "service" to use (if more than 1 service is defined in the WSDL then this key is mandatory)
    • "port": in case multiple port entries are found in the WSDL, give the one to be used here
    • "url": to override the URL defined in the WSDL
    • "headers": to override any HTTP headers sent in outgoing messages
    • "event_queue": to set an I/O event queue on the HTTPClient
    • "log": a closure or call reference taking a single string argument for informational logging
    • "dbglog": a closure or call reference taking a single string argument for verbose technical debugging logging

Also the following keys can be set to set HTTP options:

  • "connect_timeout"
  • "http_version"
  • "max_redirects"
  • "proxy"
  • "timeout"

SoapClient Release Notes

SoapClient v0.2.5

  • added support for logging content of SOAP messages
  • added the SoapConnection class

SoapClient v0.2.4.1

SoapClient v0.2.4

SoapClient v0.2.3

  • updated to a user module