Qore YAML Module  0.6
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YAML Emitter Option Constants


const Qore::YAML::BlockStyle = QYE_BLOCK_STYLE
 emitter constant: emit seq and map with block style
const Qore::YAML::Canonical = QYE_CANONICAL
 emitter constant: Emit canonical YAML
const Qore::YAML::EmitSqlNull = QYE_EMIT_SQLNULL
 emitter constant: emit SQL null "!!sqlnull"
const Qore::YAML::EscapeUnicode = QYE_ESCAPE_UNICODE
 emitter constant: escape unicode characters
const Qore::YAML::ExplicitEndDoc = QYE_EXPLICIT_END_DOC
 emitter constant: emit an explicit document end sequence
const Qore::YAML::ExplicitStartDoc = QYE_EXPLICIT_START_DOC
 emitter constant: emit an explicit document start sequence
const Qore::YAML::None = QYE_NONE
 emitter constant: No option (= default output)
const Qore::YAML::Yaml1_1 = QYE_VER_1_1
 emitter constant: emit YAML 1.1 (not necessary to use as this is the default and currently the only YAML version supported by libyaml)

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