Qore ConnectionProvider Module Reference  1.0.1
ConnectionProvider::HttpBasedConnection Class Reference

base class for HTTP-based connections that need their URLs rewritten to create the real connection object More...

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionProvider::AbstractConnection
 constructor (string n_name, string n_desc, string n_url, bool n_monitor, *hash n_opts, hash n_urlh, *string n_safe_url)
 creates the AbstractConnection object More...
object get (bool connect=True, *hash rtopts)
 returns the underlying connection object More...
hash< ConfigInfogetConfigHash ()
 returns a ConfigInfo hash of static configuration information about the connection More...
*hash getDefaultOptions ()
 returns default options
hash< ConnectionInfogetInfo (bool with_password=False)
 returns a ConnectionInfo hash of information about the connection More...
*hash getOptions ()
 returns static / initialization options
*hash getRealOptions ()
 returns options for saving the connection's configuration information
*hash getRuntimeOptions ()
 returns runtime options
abstract string getType ()
 returns the string type name for the connection object
 parseTextOptions ()
 this method is called when parsing connection file definitions from text files when loading into the database More...
hash< PingInfoping (bool throw_exception=False)
 returns a hash with the results of the ping operation More...
- Public Attributes inherited from ConnectionProvider::AbstractConnection
string desc
 connection description
date last_check
 date/time of last check/ping
bool loopback = False
 set to True for loopback connections
bool monitor
 monitoring flag
string name
 connection name
*hash opts
 connection options
*hash orig_opts
 original connection options
string safe_url
 "safe" URL (password information removed)
string status = "not checked"
 status string; in case of a connection error this string will be the error string
bool up = False
 connection status flag; set by monitoring or explicit pings/connections
date updated
 date/time of last update
string url
 connection URL (potentially with password info)
hash urlh
 broken down URL hash (as returned by Qore::parse_url())
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ConnectionProvider::AbstractConnection
static *code post_processing
 optional code for default post-processing of objects created by getImpl(); must take the object created and the connection name as arguments

Detailed Description

base class for HTTP-based connections that need their URLs rewritten to create the real connection object