Qore HttpServerUtil Module Reference
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NHttpServerMain namespace for the HttpServer and HttpServerUtil modules
 CAbstractAuthenticatorAbstract base class for external authentication
 CAbstractHttpRequestHandlerAbstract class that all HTTP request handler objects must inherit from
 CAbstractHttpSocketHandlerAbstract class that all HTTP dedicated socket handler objects must inherit from
 CAbstractLoggerThis abstract class defines the interface for classes that provide logging methods
 CAbstractStreamRequestAbstract class for streaming HTTP chunked requests/responses
 CAbstractUrlHandlerAbstract class for HTTP request handlers anchored at a specific URL
 CHttpHandlerResponseInfoReturn value of HTTP handler methods with potentially unserialized message bodies
 CHttpListenerInterfaceThis abstract class defines the public interface of the private HttpListener class defined in the HttpServer module
 CHttpResponseInfoReturn value of HTTP handler methods where any message body has been serialized for sending over the HTTP socket
 CPermissiveAuthenticatorClass providing automatic authentication for all requests