Qore HttpServerUtil Module Reference 1.1
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HttpServerUtil Module

HttpServerUtil Introduction

The HttpServerUtil module provides a base code for the HttpServer module and code requiring HttpServer definitions but not the entire HttpServer module itself.

To use this module, use "%requires HttpServerUtil" in your code.

All the public symbols in the module are defined in the HttpServer namespace

The main classes are:

See also:

  • RestHandler: a module providing a handler framework for this module for implementing server-side REST services
  • WebSocketHandler: a module providing a handler framework for this module for implementing server-side WebSocket services
  • WebUtil: a module providing higher-level HTTP services using this module as a base as well as providing support for dynamic template-based HTML rendering (ie rendering qhtml files which are a mix of HTML and Qore code)
  • JsonRpcHandler: provides infrastructure for implementing JSON-RPC server-side services using the HttpServer module
  • YamlRpcHandler: provides infrastructure for implementing YAML-RPC server-side services using the HttpServer module
  • XmlRpcHandler: provides infrastructure for implementing XML-RPC server-side services using the HttpServer module
  • SoapHandler: provides infrastructure for implementing SOAP server-side services using the HttpServer module

HttpServerUtil Module Release Notes

HttpServerUtil 1.1

  • implemented support for reloading X.509 certificate information without manually restarting listeners (issue 4574)

HttpServerUtil 1.0.12

  • updated version to match Qore and server version

HttpServerUtil 1.0

HttpServerUtil 0.9.11

  • fixed a bug where it was not possible to include CORS headers or any context-sensitive information in a 401 response (issue 4136)
  • fixed a bug that left hanging threads in HTTP operations with I/O callbacks with HEAD requests and a Transfer-Encoding: chunked header in the response (issue 4109)

HttpServerUtil 0.9.5

  • aligned version with the HttpServer module version

HttpServerUtil 0.9.4


  • improved sensitive data masking in log messages (issue 2621)

HttpServerUtil 0.3.12


  • eliminated excess logging of each HTTP chunk sent or received


HttpServerUtil 0.3.11

  • initial version of the module
  • implemented support for notifying persistent connections when the connection is terminated while a persistent connection is in place
  • removed unused AbstractStreamRequestHandler class
  • fixed HttpServer::parse_uri_query() to always return params as a hash (issue 569)
  • added root_path to the context hash if the path was matched by a URL path prefix (issue 570)
  • implemented support for custom timeout values in stream handlers (issue 719)