Qore Swagger Module Reference  1.0.1
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\NSwaggerMain namespace for all public Swagger declarations
 oCAbstractParameterObjectDescribes a single operation parameter
 oCBodyParameterAbstractParameterObject specialization for "body" parameters
 oCContactObjectContact information for the exposed API
 oCExternalDocumentationObjectAllows referencing an external resource for extended documentation
 oCHeaderObjectDescribes a single HTTP header
 oCInfoObjectThe object provides metadata about the API. The metadata can be used by the clients if needed, and can be presented in the Swagger-UI for convenience
 oCLicenseObjectLicense information for the exposed API
 oCObjectBaseBase class for the Swagger specification objects, wrapping the vendor extensions
 oCOperationObjectDescribes a single API operation on a path
 oCOtherParameterAbstractParameterObject specialization for parameters other than "body"
 oCParameterItemsSchemaObjectItems schema object for non-body parameters
 oCPathComponentHolds the relative paths to the individual endpoints
 oCPathItemObjectDescribes the operations available on a single path
 oCPathsObjectThis class stores the path tree for URI path matching
 oCResponseObjectDescribes a single response from an API Operation
 oCResponsesObjectPossible responses for an operation
 oCSchemaBaseBase used by OtherParameter, HeaderObject and SchemaObject
 oCSchemaObjectDefines an object in a schema
 oCScopesObjectLists the available scopes for an OAuth2 security scheme
 oCSecuritySchemeObjectAllows the definition of a security scheme that can be used by the operations
 oCSwaggerLoaderUsed for loading the Swagger definitions
 oCSwaggerSchemaThis is the root document object for the API specification. It combines what previously was the Resource Listing and API Declaration (version 1.2 and earlier) together into one document
 oCTagObjectAllows adding metadata to a single tag that is used by the OperationObject. It is not mandatory to have a TagObject per tag used there
 \CXmlObjectA metadata object that allows for more fine-tuned XML model definitions